Like Norm says. Make sure you read and understand your power tool manuals before starting any project. And of course, measure twice and cut once!!!!

Horseshoe Pit Plans


Assembling the Runways

  1. 1.Cut twenty pieces of 2”X4” in to 14.5” inch pieces.

2. Cut eight six foot lengths of 2”X4” Assemble the 6 ft. and the 14.5 inch pieces of

lumber in to four ladder formations.

3. Drive forty #5 deck screws in to the six foot lengths in line with the inside 14.5 inch pieces. This will assemble the ladders,these are the foundations of your runways.


Connecting the Ladders to the Backstop

1. Line up ladders with 4” x 4”. Ladders should be spaced 36” inches apart. The inside measurement between the two ladders should be 36” inches.

  1. 2.Drill small pilot holes for 3/8” lag screws, not to exceed half the diameter of the lag screw. Attach the ladders to the 4” X 4” with lag screw and washers as shown. Two lag screws on the inside of each frame, spaced evenly.


Assembling the Backstop

  1. 1.Cut 8 pieces of 2” x 4” in 24” inch lengths.

  1. 2.Notch out back side of 4” x 4” to accommodate 2” x 4”

  1. 3.Insert 2” x 4” in to notch.

  1. 4.Stack 2” x 10”s, one on top of the other as shown in this picture.

  1. 5.Use #5 deck screws to attach 2” x 4” to 2” x 10!s” on back side of backstop. Use your own judgement. I used 12 screws on each side.

Assembling and placing the Backstop (Continued)

6.Drill small pilot holes for lag bolts through 2” x 4” and in to 2” x 10”on front side of backstop. Pilot holes should not exceed half the diameter of the lag screw. Use a hammer to tap the lag screws in to the hole.Tighten until lag screw are firmly in place.


Excavating the Foundation


**If you have a level surface this step is optional. My yard was not very level so I used the following steps to anchor the pits in place. You will need to dig a hole for your bucket also. Can’t get around it.

1. Excavate foundation and dig hole for “pin bucket”

  1. 2.Place frame and pin bucket in place.

  1. 3.Drill holes in 4” x 4” to accommodate 1/2” conduit or rebar.

4. Pound conduit or rebar through 4 x4 to anchor pit frames in place.

  1. 5.Fill and level with sand.


Install the Decking (or lumber)

6. Screw decking to runways.


Install the lighting

  1. 7.Install lighting in conduit directly behind backstop. (Do not use the lighting if there is lightning in the area. In other words, use common sense!!!!)

Throw some shoes!!!!!!


Directions for Setting Stake(Pin) in Bucket

1. Take a 1 x 2 and make (2) 12 degree lines 1" apart with a speed square or

framing square.

2. Drill a 1/4" hole in the center of each line.

3. Take the stake and lay it across the 1 x 2 at the 12 degree angle and zip

tie the two together.

4. Allow for the 14" the stake will sit above the ground, plus 6" for the

sand or clay of the pit material.

5. Fill a 5 Gal bucket with concrete and set the stake in the center of the

bucket. ( See photo )

6. Check pin angle during concrete curing process to ensure pin angle is



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